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Miss Army Knife
The Miss Army Kit has a flashlight, keychain, needle and thread, safety pin, corkscrew, pen, tweezers, bottle opener,
screwdriver, scissors, ruler, nail file, perfume bottle, mirror, pill box, and knife. Fits in your pocket or purse or on your key ring.
Who is the Miss Army Girl?

Running late for work on the L train, Suzanne glanced down to find the top button on her blouse hanging by a thread. No time
to spare. No way to change clothes. No wonder Suzanne relies on her Miss Army Kit to keep her on the go. Once she'd
handled her tailoring emergency with the kit's sewing thread, needle and scissors, she decided to give her manicure a quick
touch-up with the nail file. Sharp thinking, girl! We salute you!

Susie bent over her art project, twisting her spiky hair in frustration. Arranging the little clippings for her collage was touchy
work. No time to lose. No solutions in sight. No wonder Susie relies on her Miss Army Kit to get her out of a pinch. After she
took care of her artwork emergency by using the kit's tweezer tool, she rewarded herself with a cold one, popping the top off
with the kit's bottle opener. Looks like being prepared is an art form in itself. Mission accomplished.

Smiling sweetly at her date on the other edge of the picnic blanket, Susie realized she hadn't thought to bring a corkscrew to
open the wine bottle he was holding. No store nearby. No time to waste. No wonder Susie relies on her Miss Army Kit to keep
her life on-track. Once she'd handled her red wine emergency by letting her date use the kit's corkscrew, she had just enough
time to check her lipstick in the kit mirror while he poured. Looking good, girl! As you were. Available in Hot Pink or Red.

Price : US$19.95