Romantic Dating Idea - Romantic Rendezvous (PPG 2222)
Sexy Thongs, Exotic Lingerie
& Romantic Dating Ideas
The Romantic Rendezvous® game offers the opportunity for you and your lover to grow closer and delve
into the joys and delights of being together through love, intimacy and adventure.
Romantic Rendezvous is unique as it embodies two different games that are each extraordinary and
intriguing. They may be played separately or together.

The board game offers over 120 activities to share together.

How to Play Romantic Rendezvous Overview:
Romantic Rendezvous contains a board game, a card game, two tokens and a die.
The board game: Each player alternates rolling the die, moving and following the instructions in the
landed space.
The card game: Players alternately pick a card and play the card.
Romantic Rendezvous Experience: Players follow the board game instructions, pick a card when
instructed to and follow those instructions.

Complete instructions included in the game.

Price : US$29.95