Romance Kit - Wildly Sexy Dares (PPGWSD)
Sexy Thongs, Exotic Lingerie
& Romantic Dating Ideas
The Game of Naughty Adventures for couples who think they've done it all. At last, an irresistible new game
for fun-loving couples. Wildly Sexy Dares adds a fresh new thrill to seduction by enticing lovers to carry out a
series of wickedly fun escapades that go way beyond the bedroom. The more risqué the activity, the more
points you score and the more your love-life sizzles! Try all three levels of play if you dare. How do you play?
Surprise your partner day or night by performing racy capers that you select from 150 game cards
concealed in a beautifully crafted boudoir kit. Points are awarded for successfully completing each Dare and
Double Dare. Players whose dynamism knows no bounds will also be tempted by special Bonus dares not
for the faint of heart! What's more, players wager to win (or lose) extra points with 25 Challenge Cards
head-to-head competitions between you and your partner. The action heats up over weeks or months, so
you'll never know what your lover might be cooking up next What makes Wildly Sexy Dares unique? It's
creative, original and fun Designed with flair by couples for couples, Wildly Sexy Dares presents 75 clever
and imaginative dares for him and 75 for her. If you think they're fun to read, wait until you start trying them!
Play continues for weeks or months... This is one game that won't be retired to the closet after one or two
tries. Wildly Sexy Dares involves an ongoing series of sexy adventures that couples weave into everyday life.
Your partner may surprise you with hijinks at any time likely when you least expect it! Deliciously-naughty
adventures put the sizzle into seduction Unleash your hidden wild side. Wildly Sexy Dares challenges you
and your lover to perform all sorts of fun & sexy antics that take you from the bedroom to the front lawn and
way beyond. You choose the adventures that you find most exciting. How far will you go? Our beautifully
styled game box is designed for your boudoir Wildly Sexy Dares is presented in a decorative boudoir kit that
is ideal for a dresser or bedside table. Cards are placed for easy reference and safekeeping in the attractive
molded tray. Stylish doors latch closed for privacy. Carved solid-maple markers track players' points on a
sleek scoreboard.

Price : US$29.95