How the Stars Popularized the Sexy Thong

Many of the big name celebrities of today favor thongs over other types of sexy lingerie. What is it about the sexy
thong that makes it the preferred lingerie of the stars?

Since the 90’s, the thong has shot right to the top as the lingerie design of choice among women and today it
represents about one out of every five lingerie sold in the US. Although the sexy thong is believed to have
reached its peak, it is still the choice of the stars. Some of the celebrities that were spotted in public wearing a
thong in recent times include big names like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton, Kylie Minogue,
Ginger Spice and Toni Braxton, to name a few. Many have made the news in gossip and entertainment
magazines donning the sexy thong. Even the infamous Monica Lewinsky wore a thong when her deeds with
President Clinton were exposed. With so much ‘exposure’ given by these big names, it is not surprising that the
sexy thong has become a big part of pop culture.

In 2003, Australian superstar Kylie Minogue capitalized on the popularity of the thong by launching her own
brand of sexy lingerie, aptly called ‘Love Kylie’. She got her inspiration for the lingerie from film, fashion, travel
and friends. According to reports, she positioned her range of sexy lingerie as fashionable, flirtatious and
enjoyable to wear.

Enjoyable to wear in a sense that many women like to feel hot and sexy under the
Fashionable Clothing that they
fondly wear. These women believe that wearing a thong makes them feel sexy where ever they go and whatever
they do. It makes them feel good knowing they possess a certain level of sensuality by wearing these garments.
One thing is for sure, sexy thongs are here to stay.

One of the reasons why the thong has become so popular is because of the absence of unsightly panty lines. In
fashion circles, this became known as VPL or ‘visible panty lines’. Another reason why the
sexy thong is liked is
because it is a tease, as it gives the illusion that one is not wearing anything. So, the guys will always be
wondering... “Is she wearing anything underneath?”

It is amusing to note that the sexy thong became so popular in recent years that the American Society for
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) predicted in 2002 that the popularity of thong lingerie would stimulate an
increase in cosmetic surgery of the buttocks, including for contouring of full buttocks and buttock augmentation
for adding curves to flat buttocks.

The sexy thong has become such a big item that even lawmakers tried to clamp down on its excesses. In the
state of Louisiana a few years back, there were attempts by state legislators to impose a fine or a 6-month jail
term on people who exposed their sexy lingerie in public. Incidentally, the state of Louisiana is where Britney
Spears hails from. Perhaps this was the reason why Britney was spotted without any underwear in public while
partying with Hollywood socialite, Paris Hilton in the second half of 2006.

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