Is Online Dating Safe for Women?

Online dating has grown in popularity over the years as the internet becomes a way of life for many. With online
dating becoming more mainstream and accepted, some women are still doubtful whether it is a safe way to
make friends. Some of the questions that pop up in women’s minds include, ‘How do I know if he is not a wacko
or serial killer?’ or ‘How do I protect myself if my date does not turn out the way I want it to?’ or ‘What do I have to
do to ensure that I only meet the right type of people?’ or ‘How do I know if my date is not pretending to be
someone that he is not?’ These are the types of questions that frequently pop up in women’s minds when they
contemplate the viability of online dating.

Online dating can a fun and secure way to meet other people if you take the necessary precautions. It can be a
great place to build loving and trusting friendships that lead to lasting, offline relationships. However, whether
you decide to correspond online or meet members offline, sound judgment and common sense should be
exercised. In both the virtual and real worlds, making an effort to find out more about your date is the best safety
tool. The following are some online dating tips for women:

Do not meet up physically for a date immediately when you are at the beginning of the relationship. Take time to
find out more about your new found friend first, by communicating solely via email. Then, observe if there are
inconsistencies about age, interests, appearance, marital status, profession, employment, etc.

Stay anonymous until you have checked out other person and are comfortable with them. Never reveal your real
name, email address, personal web site URL, home address, phone number, place of work, or any other
personal information during the initial stages of the relationship. Stop communicating with anyone who
pressures you for personal information or attempts in any way to trick you into revealing it.

Request for photos - Asking for photos is a great way to check out the appearance and get a general impression
of the other person. If you are asked for your photo in return, do not give one. Some people make the mistake of
posting pictures of themselves in a sexy thong or exotic lingerie, just to provoke a response. This is a definite no

Chat on the phone. Once you are fairly comfortable with the other person, the next step is to communicate by
phone. Communicating by phone is a great way for you to evaluate a person as it allows spontaneous
communication rather than planned replies. From the phone calls, you will also know whether there is any
chemistry between you and the other person.

Meet up only when you are ready. The good thing about online dating is that you are not pressured to meet
anyone until you are ready. Once you are ready to meet up physically and go out on a real date, remember to
always meet in a public area where there are lots of people. Never go out on a first date in a secluded area no
matter how well the date is going. Also remember to tell someone close to you where you are going and with
whom. If you are flying in from another area, always pre-arrange for your own transport and hotel room. Do not
disclose where you are staying and never allow your date to make the arrangements for you.

Dress appropriately on the first date. Do not wear any revealing or ‘see-thru’ clothes that show off your
lingerie or
any low-cut pants that show off your
sexy thong. If you want to wear something more provocative, do so only after
the relationship is more established and only if you wish to pursue the relationship further.

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